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Hi All, question about Vectus and Intro.

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Hi Everyone,


I am setting up a home CCTV system (UK) and was planning on just linking some IP cameras up to my Unraid box using Zoneminder, does anyone have any experience of this, I have another option but not sure if it would be any better. I have a 4 port PoE switch which I could use for this and got some cheap IP cameras on eBay.


I also have a Vectus VTSDDVR08G-U from an old commercial install I was going to harvest the drives from this or sell it on to fund better cameras but not sure what/if its worth - it would need BNC connections to the camera though which would be a bit more of a pain to wire up.


Does anyone have any experience of either of these set ups, and could recommend one over the other. I may just end up ebaying the Vectus and keeping it all on one machine, any ideas what they are worth?


The vectus would take away some of the processing load from my unraid server though, so has that advantage I guess.


#confused #hello!

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