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NVR Issue

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I have a Hikvision ds-7716ni-i4/16p nvr, which was tested as working fine in my home yesterday. I took it to my shed to set up my security cameras. Installed the hard drive, and it was working fine for several hours: video signal, connected to the internet, remote access. When I returned, I noticed that the monitor was turned off (Dell). I went to wake the monitor with the mouse, and now my monitor won't show anything and goes straight into power reserve mode. I thought maybe the HDMI cable was faulty, so I tried a VGA cable, but the problem still persisted. I then tested the monitor to my laptop with both HDMI and VGA cables showing that the monitor worked perfectly (had signal). So I took the NVR back into my home to troubleshoot. I started by deleting the NVR off of Hik connect so I could start from scratch. Now I have two problems: the monitor issue (no signal when plugged into the NVR) and I cannot connect the NVR to my LAN network - the IP address doesn't show up on my home network. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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