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PC build for new system

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Hi all


Hopefully this is the right section to post.


We currently run our IP CCTV on:


i5 6500 - 16gb ddr3 2133mhz - 2 x Nvidia NVS 310 - Samsung MZ7LN256HMJP-000 SCSI Device - Connected to 4 monitors running 1080p


Running Milestone Client 2017 with 30-64 cameras open in multiview, will make the cpu usage 95-100% constantly. We have a budget of aprox. 3300 USD - I should add that it doesnt have to be right on that price point. All videos are stored on a server at the locations.



Requirements for build:


Can stream 64+ IP CCTV cameras at once


Performance should not be slowed down even when multiple programs/chrome tabs are open


Each pc is running 4 monitors at 1080p


I hope someone could give some suggestions on which type of graphiccards would be best for this, and what cpus?

I know a bit about hardware, but not when it comes to IP CCTV. I definitely think that the current pc's aren't strong enough though.



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Try googling monitor wall server.

These will do the task of the presenting video to the multiple monitors.

Available with different numbers of outputs from 4 to 16.

Maybe worth looking at.

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