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Hello All

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Hello everyone. I would like to introduce myself to the CCTV Forum. I am an avid tech junkie of about 20 years and a self-proclaimed Smart Home technician for about 4 years. My primary occupation (Just Over Broke) is an Operating Clerk at a West Coast Utilities company. My intention is to launch my own Smart Home/Tech support/All-around Handy Man company by October of this year (2018). My first project is solving my Father-In-Law's software problem with his Samsung SDR 3102 Home Security System set up. The camera's work great but the mobile app software is garbage.


This forum has already proved to be a marvelous resource for resolving my current issue. Thank you all. I hope to add value to my fellow techies, in the near future.


CCTV support may be my Achilles heel right now but I'm sure I can add value in the Wireless networking and connectivity department. Thanks again everyone.



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