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Yeah at about this time I feel like taking a cheese grader to my eyeballs. So much information so little brain.


So around Christmas time the girlfriend said she would like some security cameras put up. Knowing nothing I bought the Blink XL 2 camera system. I regret it.


Since installing them we have had 2 instances that have left us pissed that we did not have a better system installed. One the other night the motion activated camera went off at 3:50 am with some girl taking 2 steps on to our porch. The camera did not trigger when she walked on the property but when she was all the way up to the porch. And did not re trigger when she left. So did she ever leave?


I have a modest system need that can be handled with 8 cameras (8 is overkill but what the hell). I want one camera recording 24 hours and the rest on motion. I would like all the cameras to be capable of producing an image that is identifiable unlike these Blink crap cameras I have. Wired is a must for this project. The girlfriend request is easy to use and she would like a two way talk camera in the system.


Simple enough right However digging thru the informational overload that is the security camera world has got me frustrated. For example a budget all in one system claiming to record 8 cameras in 1080p will in effect record all 8 cameras at 1 FPS. Who wants that?


So any and all help designing and purchasing would be greatly appreciated.


I have very little money but if I can buy a piece at a time that would work for me.


Thank you in advance...


PS I do have skills so if building my own PC is required I can do that.

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