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No connection to the device via the Internet or mobile app

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I installed a Dahua xvr 5108 device and got the device settings for transferring the image by p2p. In the place where the device is installed, I get images on the mobile app and computer software, but not through the Internet.

I've reviewed the following:

Establishing the Internet

Network range


Device specifications at the following link:


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Probably a customized firmware from the reseller. Ask them what app you have to use.


Some resellers use different P2P servers, so their devices will not work with DMSS/SmartPSS which both use Dahua's P2P servers. When that is the case, it does work from inside the wifi/LAN, but not when you are outside ther network.


You need to use their own app, or just flash Dahua's firmware so it will use Dahua's P2P servers.


You can usually find out if it is a personalized firmware by checking the firmware version. Instead of being something like: 2.420.0000

It will be like: 2.420.XX00 (where XX are two letters instead of numbers, since the dealer name is DiyaKala it might be 2.420.DK00)

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