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Buggered pigtail on HIK camera....

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I had a torrential rain the got inside the HIK connection with the cable. (not the first time!) I opened the 'waterproof' connector to see not only water but the copper connections all blackened - corroded, I suspect. Of course, I had no monitor image for about three days. (I only run a single camera) I attempted to clean the connectors with a bit of paper towel on the end of a nail and dried the surfaces with a hairdryer. Still - no image.


My suspicion: I can see within the female side and perhaps I depressed one of the connectors - that I am unable to get to rise up with a fine pin. Well, I thought; "Hell. I'm pretty good a making male ends these days. I'll just order some females." Whoops?!


Any thoughts? This is a 4K cam - I'd hate to chuck in the trash. Thanks.



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