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I currently have a 4 different cameras on 2x Synology (virtualized as my hardware were too old) in CMS setup. This works OK, but not perfect. Having bought cheap cameras, not all features are detected by surveillance station, multiple streams being the biggest issue. This is running on a Linux PC I have always on. I have been considering setting up a webserver handling the ONVIF requests, so I can deliver nicer ONVIF to the Synology.


Camera firmware varies a LOT. All my cameras, eScam, HIKVision, and a Star... more or less requires 32-bit IE. So everything is old software on OK hardware. Don't understand why I need a plugin to select movement detection area.


I somewhat like this setup, but also ordered a cheap Digoo NVR to see if I can run things there. Cheap enough to throw out i I do not like it.


I have a couple Dahua cameras on the way. Hope they are better than HIKVISION.


If I want to avoid old Windows, and have things working using HTML5 only (Like Surveillance Station), what cheap options are there not eating too much CPU ? I want 6 cameras, 1080p15 or better.


Are there any vendors living past Windows XP and 2010 ?

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