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Connect Samsung "IP Camera" to NVR

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Hi Guys,

We had a Samsung SDC-5200 DVR that had 4 Ethernet ports, and 12 coaxial, I had 10 coax cameras and 2 IP.

Dvr went bad, we got New DVR/NVR hybrid. All coax device are working fine, But now IP ones are not starting up via Netgear POE switch. Im guessing Ethernet ports on them are not topical Lan cable pin-outs.

DO you guys know if it possible to change pin-out for it to work, and if yes what that would be?

2 Cameras are Sumsung sdc-9440 bun




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Im starting to think that this camera it is not truly IP camera, It has Ethernet connection, but I think it is some embedded Samsung system not based on IP.

Does anybody knows if it its possible to make that camera work with some kind Ethernet to coax converter?


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