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Can't find system that meets all my requirements

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I've tried all of the big box stores, but either the employees don't know much about their products or the outside labels on the box don't specifically address my needs.


I need a security camera system that will do the following, assuming I'm not at home at the time:


1. Notify me on my iPad or iPhone that the motion detector has determined that there is someone at my front door.


2. Allow me to converse with that person remotely. In other words, I can send and receive audio.


3. On the other hand, if I AM AT HOME, allow me to do #1 and #2 (notify me so that I can converse with someone at my front door without opening the front door.)


4. Number of cameras 6 to 8. Six is better, but I don't want to disqualify a unit just because it has 8 cameras.


5. Wired. I don't want to have to mess with batteries on the cameras. I will hire someone to crawl in the attic to run the wires. I'm 71 years old with recent back surgery and wouldn't dream of crawling in the attic.


6. I would like high quality video, but I think that's common these days.


7. No monthly fees!


I hope I'm not being unreasonable, but if it takes additional components to get me what I want, I would understand. I ordered, but have not received yet the SkyBell - Wi-fi Video Doorbell - Silver. At this point I don't know if I need it or if it will integrate with whatever system you guys recommend. Since I haven't received it or opened it yet, I can return it if it turns out I don't need it.



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You can buy a EZVIZ DVR or NVR system that doesnt to audio For the rest of the house.

Then buy a standalone EZVIZ mini 360+ wifi cam (has 2 way audio)

If you can put it under a eave it is ok for outside use I have done this.

Both integrate on 1 app.

With EZVIZ you can mix and match their systems on 1 app.


I have 2 of these mini 360's in addition to my night owl system. Though i have to use separate apps.

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