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Unknown vendor - password reset (possibly ZVision)

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I am taking over for a disgruntled and unavailable employee who left us with a DVR unit and no password to get into it. .. since it may be required for me to review a video from time to time, I'll need to reset or replace this unit and all my google searches have ended at this website (congratulations).




This has the exact button layout of the unit I have on my desk - The back is also exactly the same (not pictured) - so I'm going to assume this is what I have - mine does not have any brand names on it.


The mainboard chips that I can read are Nextchip NVC1700 and Nextchip NVP1108B


I see no obvious jumpers for resetting. I attached a picture of the mainboard anyway... I've seen various posts (perhaps a general password reset section is in order with the number of threads I've seen) and have seen a "password generator" but the link was dead. That may be all I need as I am able to reach it via Telnet and via HTTP - but no passwords I've tried will work...


Any help here would be much appreciated


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