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Hello Everyone,


i just used Analog Cameras and want to Start with IP Cams and NVR. I tested some Dahua IP Cams and think they work fine but i have some Problems with the Explanation of the Dahua Cams and NVR Series.


I want to use the IVS System (Tripwire, Face Detection, Objects) but some Cameras have IVS and some have Smart Detection but the same Features. So is it the Same or not?


Does IP Cam and NVR have to Support the IVS System or is it enough if the NVR Recorder has the IVS System?


The Explanation at the Dahua Website is not verry helpful


I want to use the hdbw4421f cameras and need a NVR for them.


I Want to record permanent and if something moves i want to see it at the timelin oder in a event list. Is this possible?


My Analog recorders can be setuped by a CMS Software completely so i dont need a monitor and a mouse for configuring the NVR. Is this also Possible with the Dahau recorders?


And what is the Difference between the Software Smart PSS, DSS Pro and Easy4IP


Many Questions but i hope someone had the same and already find out how it works and can help me


And sorry for the "bad english"


Regards from Germany

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