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Running two nvrs in parallel

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Hi guys,

New to this forum and greet you all.


I have currently an installation utalizing the Dahua NVR 5216-16P-4KS2 using all 16 channels.

The nvr is connected via an hdmi cable to a tv set. It is became necessary to add a couple of extra

cameras to the installation. I am in the possession of a second identical Dahua NVR 5216-16P-4KS2

which is not used currently and want to install it to accommodate the extra cameras.

My quastions are:


1. If I want to use the remote viweing software of Dahua or other third party is it possible to see

the two nvrs at the same time? Can one allocate the same ip address to the two nvrs? What is the better

solution to connect each nvr to the router or to connect both to a mini pc and the pc to the router?


2. Is it possible to see the cameras of the two nvrs on the same tv screen?


Your knowledge and advice will be greatly appriciated.

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