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DVR with IOS App that works - Recommendation needed please

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Just replaced Floureon DVR because the box failed within 2 months.


Bought a Zosi h.264 HD 1080P DVR 8 channel which works OK but the app to view it via iPhone called "Zosi View" is absolutely useless. The app connects when it feels like it.


It is so bad I am intending to return the DVR.


Can anyone recommend an 8 channel DVR that will work well with an IOS App? Most of the IOS Apps for viewing DVRs have very bad scores on the Apple App Store and users say they don't work.


All these apps seem to go through a cloud system to a server in China. Does anyone know of a system where the app can be linked directly to your home ip address and that definitely works?


Thanks for any advice.

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im going thru this issue now also... Zosi sent me a firmware update... didn't help. Zosi smart was app on smartphone and AVSS was app on PC.. set ports correctly on router and all... phone app seems to work decent.. never could get pc app to work.. and the zosi cameras switch back to 720P at night with drives my old dvr crazy.. so they are useless to me... i am wanting to return it also. I also was looking for another app to view online and gave up..365 secu, xmeye.. nope...

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