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CCTV displays rolling lines and blur video

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I recently purchased new CCTV system and installed by myself. There are 4 cameras (2.4Mp, 12v, AHD).

3c-2v coaxial cable is used.

The problem is all these 4 cameras display rolling lines both horizontal and vertical. Night vision gets worst.

I checked all the cameras before buy them at the shop, they worked fine.

Cameras are installed maximum distance 15m from the place where DVR, main power supply is installed.

Main power supply provides 240v to the camera power supply which gives 12v-3A to the camera, so i think voltage loss is not an issue.

Even if i try single camera at a time, with local power supply and short video cable (2ft), same lines appear again.

I tried with different BNC connectors, still no luck.

Then i checked ground connection to check if there's any ground loop problem exists, ground connection only exists at DVR end, cameras are fine. I even tried cutting ground connection, nothing happened.


There's a camera which had more lines and significantly damaged video feed than the others, i shut down system and when i switched on next day most of lines of this camera was gone, now all cameras equally display those rolling lines.


Please can anyone give me some advise on how can i fix this issue, any help is highly appreciated.

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