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Net_DVR stopped working, can't find replacement (nvp1204)

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The Net_DVR software I've used for the past few years has stopped working with the incredibly helpful error "Cannot open resource file!". I'm not sure what caused this and I'd done some windows updates and installed new software. I've reinstalled Net_DVR and get the same problem. The 4CH input device shows up fine in device manager "Video Capture Device(NVP1204)".


I've tried installing all the outstanding windows updates, C++ redistributables, etc. I've tried installing other software, ispy, Contacam, Dvrsoft, none of them recognise the input card or cameras.


I've lost a load of time on this and I've ran out of ideas. Anyone on here familiar with that card or software? It doesn't actually me what make it is, and I've been unable to find a website with updated software that might work.


On WinXP as when I first set this up there weren't any cards that worked with higher versions of Windows.

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