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Looking for help in finding a good system

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I am looking for help/assistance in finding what I would need. A lot of systems I find online its hard to know if they are good or if I'm getting a fair price on something. I'm also looking for a quality system that will last a long time.


Due to the size of the property, I'm looking for a system that can work with at minimum a 400 foot run of solid cable between camera and recorder box. At least 4 cameras will have this much cable.

The other cameras will have about 250-300 ft cable runs and mounted on the house exterior.


Video: Looking to get at least 1080p video 1920x1080 so I can get faces and license plates.


Audio: Prefer to have clear audio pickup in the area of each camera, hopefully minimal wind noise. I estimate a range of at least 50-70 feet of audio pickup from the camera.


Price: I have 1,000 to work with, I can go over if necessary. But lower cost is preferable without compromising quality.


I'm okay with buying individual items instead of a 8 or 16 camera kit. I would like to upgrade the DVR unit / recorder to at least a 6 tb hard drive. I'm also looking to have remote internet access to the cameras Via PC or phone app (android).

Would like auto loop recording where it erases oldest and overwrites with current for all cameras.


At least 4 cams in the yard, 2 front 2 back, at least 5-6 cams on the house and cars.


Night vision would be a plus, there were instances of people wandering in the dark.

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