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CCTV Installation Project(This is for Monday)

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I have a project involving CCTV Installation... Please help.

We are given a scenario. Here it is:

The school principal is planning to install 4 CCTV around the school.

As an ICT student, you are given a task to check every materials and PROCEDURE from the installment up to the troubleshooting part. He also wants to have MULTIPLE MONITORS that can be found guidance office, principal office, student council and ict room.


1. List of possible materials(10), tools and equipment(10) needed in the project.

Given: 1 PIECE 4ch-DVR

2. Make a pictorial diagram (IP ADDRESS should be included)


1. How are you going to check the functionality of the ethernet cable since it measures 10 meters each?

2. How is it possible to have an access to that DVR even when the computer are 10 meters away from it?


I also heard about using a router... How is that? Please help



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