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How do you guys feel about Amcrest?

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Hello All!


I recently, also blindly, pieced together a security system from Amcrest via Amazon for my mother who will be retiring next year. I bought (4) IP4M-1055EB dome cameras and an NV2108E NVR, along with a 4TB security hard drive, a cheap crimping kit and 1000' of Cat6 direct burial cables. I bought Amcrest on recommendation from a co-worker. He's shown me his live view from his phone and desktop and showed of some of the feature, though his is cloud based. Sounded pretty simple but it is my first time DIYing a security system.


I have some electrical experience so running the lines and such will be easy but crimping on the connectors, knowing whether the materials i bought are quality or not, troubleshooting and so-on are new to me. Is there any advice you guys would be able to spare for this newbie? Any bit helps.




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