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Advice analog camera

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I need of an advice for a security camera and I have some questions.

I need of a camera with following features:

2 or 3 mpx


no ptz

form dome


It has to watch an area of 1mt x 3mt (H)

log 3-4 meters


some questions:

when I read on hikvision site HD720P means the resolution ? I mean it's not a 2 mpx camera ?

For example the hikvision DS-2CE56C5T-(A)VFIR is it a 2 mpx ? looks no..

Also looks that HIKVISION has not a 2 mpx camera, why ? I mean I read HD720P and 3 MPX camera.. but not 2 MPX... In the hikvison site menu I see 720P, 3 mpx and 5 mpx ... if I click 3 mpx I found "ARRIVING" looks they has not 3 mpx camera... I am a bit confused... help!!

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