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Good day for all!


We install the Lenel Prism software on our site with OnGuard platform/ Prism for CCTV and OnGuard for Access control and intruder alarm system. And now we have problem with view streams from cameras on the operators workstation and with moving detector on the servers.


When we open more than 9-10 cameras on the Prism Client, CPU load stay huge and we lost videos, interrupt etc. And next strange fact, that Workstation have a Xeon processor and Nvidia quadro P4000 videocards. But videocrad not load. We tried start other softvare and VLC player, and all work normaly. CPU load are small, Videocard load on 60-70% if we open more that 30 cameras.


Hardware is comply the Lenel requirements. OpenGL, DirectX, Windows updates etc were installed.


May be somebody meet with same problems with Lenel, ore other platform?


Thanks at advance!

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