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32CH Hikvision NVR playback and general performance trouble

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32CH Hikvision NVR troubles, playback is not working and stalls, skips and just plain fails. The whole overall poor performance in fact makes this machine unusable even the mouse pointer needs a rest after almost every movement and often several rest stops to get from one dialog box to the next, nor in fact does the (ebay seller) respond so this is doubtless a grey market machine.


QUESTION... SYSTEM MAINTENANCE (A) Restore defaults - simply restore the settings (B) Factory defaults - restore all parameters to default settings © Restore to inactive - restore device to inactive status. What happens in each of A, B, or C in a grey market machine specifically ? I am concerned about a revert to Chinese or even bricking it. Performance was poor even when new needing frequent rebooting but unlike now it was at least somewhat useable.

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