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Vonnic DVR-CS1108SE

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First time poster and brand new user of security camera system.


Inherited a system that seems to be working fine. I can connect a LED display on the VGA port and see that cameras are all working fine and recording. When I go to the web portal, I am able to log in but don't see any video feeds.


User manual shows a number of option on the top of the web portal, but I only see 2: Version and Logout.

I'm referring to page 58 of this user manual: http://www.vonnic.ca/Vonnic_Website/Downloads/User_Manuals/DVR-C11XXCM/User_Manual-English.pdf


Again, the most important thing is that I'm not seeing any video feeds on my computer. The only way I'm able to see video feeds for now is by connecting a display monitor to the DVR.

What am I missing? The product manual has not been very helpful thus far.


Any help would be appreciated.



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