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Avigilon Viewing Hikvision cameras multiple locations

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Hello all,


I would like to view my Hikvision ip cameras from multiple locations.

I have three locations I want to monitor from a central location.

I also want to be able to record all three locations from one cental location.


Please let me know if this is possible and the price for 24ch Avigilon Standard license as I am currently using a demo version of Acc6 which tech support gave me for 30 days.


Thank You

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Hi nDalk,

You can definitely view all three of your sites using ACC Standard software but to record cameras to the central site is not advised as the bandwidth could be quite

heavy with no quality of service through the internet.. Best is to record locally and use the power of ACC client to view your sites.


If you haven't received a price yet let me know which city/state you are in and i can find a partner for you.

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