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Cameras have gone dark.

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We are running Aimetis Symphony v 6.13 to view our IP cameras. Over time our cameras started to shut off(lose connection/video loss). I have recently been picked to try to fix all of our cameras after years of neglect. I know some of our cameras are bad and in need of fixing, so I wanted to start simple. I first updated all the firmware on the client and servers. Then, I started trouble shooting cameras closest to my office to mitigate travel time between on site and at server troubleshooting. After, power cycling a couple of cameras I got three back online, on a Friday. I go to check on them first thing Monday morning and the two exterior cameras stopped working at the same time. I've gone back in an power cycled them, and despite seeing them power up and do their routine I cannot pull them up in Symphony nor "view on web". My "technician" thinks updating the firmware is the reason we can't pull those cameras up anymore. We can't seem to ping them either. Is he right or is there something else I can do to try and fix our huge camera issue?




*As a fun little side note, Neither me nor my technician know much about our CCTV set up. It was installed back around 2012 and everyone who was around back then has since moved on. We were basically gifted a rat nest and told to make it work, no passwords, no infrastructure layout, just a list of possible IP addresses and a stern pat on the back.

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