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Camera shows no signal when IR kicks in at night

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Sorry in advance, I have done a search but unable to find anything relevant.


I have 4 cameras on my system. Two dome cameras and two hikvision darkfighter. The two dome ones work fine but I am having issues with the darkfighter cameras.


The cameras work fine during the day but once the IR kicks in, the camera starts to flicker on the screen and then shows no signal. I have tried different power supplies but still have the same issue. The camera is using a standard cable (25m).


Can anyone offer an advice?


I have thought about buying the the bnc to Ethernet adapters and trying that but not sure whether it will work.



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I have actually just found another post similar and one someone commented the following:


sorry for the delay, the problem is the voltage lost due to 100 ft wire. Temporarily hooked up a cat5e and used all 4 twisted pairs for power at a closer location to the camera. I say temporarily as i am waiting for power pigtails to come in so i can solder and shrink wrap the wires before i put it outside. Thanks guys for all the advice. much appreciated.


Would the following work based on the above:




Something else to add is that if you look at the camera after it shows no signal, the LEDS are still red so the camera is receiving power.

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