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New here so a bit about myself.

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Hi Everybody thanks for accepting me onto your forum. I have put one Sony ptz camera up at my house and I have a 16 channel kkmoon DVR it is working great and I have just bought another and intend having 3 ptz and 8 fixed cameras. I am disabled due to a head injury and find researching very hard work so I have joined this forum so hopefully I can get the system working fully myself with some help for the ladder work by family. If I have the information to read I am happy to read up and learn it but if I am reading lots that is not relevant then I will get myself mixed up. I have gone on a lot about myself but I just want people to understand if I ask something that you might find basic. I had my own industrial electrical company for 35 years and I find it hard having to ask questions about the installation after my past background.



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