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Can't turn it off,,,,New info

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Glad to find you guys. Hope someone can help.

Today I connected a WV-CS954 from storage to my WV-CU161c controller.

All functions work fine, but just touching the joystick brings up the current pan and

tilt position in degrees, as well as my zoom factor. To me, annoying. It's the only Panasonic

I have that does this.

Anyone know how or where to turn this off?


I know this is older equipment. Hopefully there's some old timers left like me.



Since I have another CS954 up and working, I poked around in its setup. Under Special, there's an

item named Display. It was set to off, but can be changed to Position. It will then act just like the annoying

camera. Even more annoying is that the option just doesn't exist on the 954 that shows positions all the time.

Full reset doesn't help. I'm really stumped now. Screen shots should be attached.



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