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How do i connect a wifi camera to poe nvr?

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Evening all,

1st of 2 topics here that hopefully you guys can help me with.

My previous cctv setup included an internal cctv camera that was wireless and would connect directly to the "hub" of the system (the external cameras were poe and connected to a switch which was then connected to my router). I have since moved to swann cctv and have the 8580 NVR, this differes to my previous system as the cables for the cameras plug directly into the NVR.

Im keen to get another couple of internal cctv cameras fitted to keep an eye on the dog and heaven forbid see what any intruders are up to, however swann only appears to do wifi internal cameras (the external ones are a little too big for my liking to fit indoors).

Does anybody know a way i can connect a wifi camera to my POE NVR so that i can view all cctv from the same app and have it all record in the same place? Google seems to suggest the cctvcameraworld website has the exact info i need but their website seems to be down.

All help is greatly appreciated.


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