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Hi All - I'm fairly proficient with computer systems but not so much with video monitoring - found this site searching for help - so hoping I can find some guidance.

We bought a house recently that has an old cctv system left by the previous owners. It is an old nubix 8-channel that has a sticker that says Commercial CCTV Product 24JS  E252776 and a S/N - searching I found no info.

The manual is here which is not the greatest thing but I was able to use it to figure out some basics - connected an old computer monitor and see that it works - 7 of the 8 cameras display. Found one had the power disconnected due to a short somewhere that I have not located, if I connect it to power, then all cameras go off, no biggie, just left the one power disconnected.

Next I found a long enough ethernet cable and got it connected to my office wifi router but it only displays on an old laptop I have with win 7 that will accept the active-x add-on to Internet Explorer - so for all my portable devices, there is no option to view remotely. 

I finally managed to get a call through to a company tech and they told me there are no firmware/software updates and no mobile apps for this unit. The unit also has no wifi and running the lan cable is not very convenient due to the location of my networking gear on the other side of the room near the broadband cable entry through the outside wall.

So with no permanent space for a dedicated monitor and no remote access, I am wondering if there might be third party software I could load on to it?  or are there modern units with wifi I could use with my existing cameras (assuming, of course, it is less expensive than replacing the entire system)?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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