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Hoping for some help here with some legacy technology...

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Greetings, all....first time visitor and poster. I am hoping the local brain trust here can help me solve a problem with a device I have.

I have in my possession an older DVR that I'd like to put back into service for use in my home. It's a GEN IV Technologies unit, model G4-RTA 8x, 8 channel H.264 DVR, with 4 HDD bays on IDE cables, and a CD/RW disc burner. Big, ugly boat anchor of a unit, but with some very nice features. This is a surplus item that had the default admin password changed, and long ago forgotten (this unit hasn't been in service since about 2006).

I read another post on this forum dating back to 2011, where someone said this was a Hikvision or Dahua product, and talked about a procedure that required me to set up a serial terminal services PC to it (which I'm capable of doing) to obtain some info string for the manufacturer, but when I called Hik and Dahua, both of their tech support depts. referred me back to to GEN IV. I reached out to GEN IV on their webpage, and their tech support did send me a manual for it which looks to be the correct one (the picture of the unit within the manual matches the unit I have), but they failed to address the issue of the password or restoring this unit to a factory default condition. I've sent them another detailed email asking about this further.

So, with all of that laid out, I have a couple of questions that I hope the forum can answer:

a) Does this model indeed have a known procedure for resetting a password or restoring to factory defaults?

b) Is there any firmware updates for this later than v1.4 or v1.6? ( I was told that while originally shipped with v1.4, it was updated to v1.6 somewhere along the way. In addition, would a firmware update solve the password issue, assuming the update can be applied in the current circumstances?

Thanks in advance for any assistance. Getting information about this unit....well, let's just say it's getting to the point that I'd rather have a tooth pulled without novacaine.




EDIT: Incidentally, someone also said Intellicamusa.com was the manufacturer. When you put that address in, it redirects to GEN IV's webpage, fyi...

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