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VMS software to manage different branded DVR's?

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I'm looking at going with a different vendor for DVR's for my system, as I've had issues with Optiview's DVR's previously, and just had another quit functioning properly this week. Thankfully, this last one was still under warranty, but I've noticed that while Optiview offers a 1 year warranty, many other vendors are offering DVR's with the same capabilities for less cost AND feature a 2 year warranty. To me, the length of a warranty means that the manufacturer is a bit more willing to stand behind their product, and I'm having a hard time justifying why I should be using Optiview's DVRs if they're more expensive with less coverage.

To that end, I'm looking at other brands of DVRs, but the one holdback I'm experiencing is finding software that can network with all DVR's and run a rotating display on an office monitor, as well as provide the ability to monitor any of the cameras connected as needed. So far I've found mostly just VMS software that acts as a DVR itself.  I did find and try CMS, but it's unable to log into my DVR, as the connection process times out there. My guess would be a compatibility issue, as it only has about 4 brands and one generic driver as configuration options.

Is there any other software out there that could interface with more than one brand of DVR and allow a rotating view as mentioned above? I'm fine with paying for the software, but I need to be able to test it to ensure it is compatible with my existing hardware before I commit to it. Thanks!

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