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Which of these 2 Systems to go for?

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Hi all

After following these forums for quite a while, i think i will take the plunge and finally get a cctv system for my home.

I have narrowed it down to these three systems, however i am only a novice, so please feel to suggest other kits, or advice as i am always willing to listen/learn.

The first kit is from amazon

Which is 4 x 4MP ColourVu IP Dome cameras in white DS-2CD2347G1-LU


or do i go for 

the Hikvision Darkfighter 8MP -DS-2CD2385G1 




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Its disappointing to see no responses on this. I have been debating the same thing. The colorvu technology seems nice but motion seems to blur the colorvu image and the 8mp with IR seems to be pretty sharp at night despite black and white. I feel as though sacrificing daytime mp quality and nighttime motion is not worth color at night time. Whats everyones thoughts?

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