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Suggestions for new IP system?

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In the market for a new CCTV security system. I've been using this older BNC-type one for awhile that we purchased from CCTV Security Pros. The company is good so I thought about going with them or maybe this Lorex company I heard about. I'm open to other suggested companies that are known for putting out great systems that offer great support.


I'm wanting to make the change to a NVR-type system that offers IP and POE because of not only quality but the ability to zoom in and maintain somewhat of a decent quality to identify people. We have a lot of prowlers in the area and these older analog cameras are not the best of quality.


I eventually want to add 1 or 2 PTZ cameras but they will come later. I'm wanting a 16 channel NVR and at least 8 IP cameras for now. I'd love to get 10-12 that's included with it if possible, but I can always order a 16ch 8cam system and add 2-4 more to the shopping cart. I also want the ability to record audio on some of them. I'm in KY so it's a 1 consent permission state. I don't need the ability to talk back to them. Remote access via an app is needed too. Whether it's via a company supplied/supported app or another based off IP address and such. I don't mind spending around $2-$3k. That's the budget I'm working with.


Any suggestions? I'd appreciate it. CCTV Security Pro? Lorex? Another company? Or maybe just buying and building my own based on recommended products and sites to purchase them at?

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