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Software to access CCTV cameras from PC

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I have 4 CCTV cameras linked to a DVR and DVR accessed wirelessly to PC - until recently !!

I have no problem accessing the cameras from my mobile phone (Android) and tablet (Android)

Previously access from PC was from a browser (IE8 in Win7 - about the only browser that would access the DVR - I suspect the CCTV software is in the DVR. However I've had to upgrade to Win10 64bit which doesn't support IE8.

I've tried to get an emulator working by using ie tabs but this just doesn't work.

Is it possible to get some CCTV recording software on the PC  to access the DVR - so far I've been unable to get any CCTV recording software to access the DVR.

Any help would be appreciated



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have been looking for one but still unable too.most browser wont accept the plugin for cctv even after installation, im using floureon dvr and im able to view it on my pc using safari browser,plugin is built it and i have full controll of my dvr settings also, i think other brand dvr should work once you have the site to loggin to view your cctv in cloud

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I use CMS on Windows PC & Laptop. A week ago I installed CMS on another computer and also working.

Note: Most of the info tutorial on the net request that one loads Bluestacks or other Android Emulator.  The version of CMS I found works without need for Emulators.

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