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model-3016u I need some help to reset dvr has button but no response

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please help...my father passed away without telling my mother or me ,his son any passwords. tried button,default passwords,ect.... no luck,its an $1100.00 dvr system.screen shows hd-sdi then takes around 2minutes to go into camera scree,ive been trying to guess p.w. for a month already,please guide me to success ty from hawaii 3/29/2021 posted.samsung chips LATTICE-LFE3-17EA-7FTN256C-B4361R04 /SAMSUNG 428-K4T1G164QF-BCE7-EQB97QHBC CHIP/ON ONE BOARD/MAIN  k4b4xxxxxx/4t1g1640f3/...next to button is a g2436cs,1427d chip also a (MN?) ILOSAM IRC1C DO5S CHIP /STICKER= 16UOLB1122/000C2S06DCA7/ STICKER=UB-16CH-T/16TOKC1032 GOING TO TRY A SUPER PASSWORD GENERATOR NOW,THANKYOU PLEASE RESPOND SOME BODYS



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