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Sannce cctv 800TVL (built in IR cut filter) noise/black specks Bullet camera

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Hi All, 

I've had these cameras since 2015 and since last week I've been having problems with one of them, concerning the image. they're analogue cameras (not wifi linked) Please see attached photo (sorry i took screen shots of my tv with my mobile phone). It's been like this all the time during the day and night (in night mode). there's a lot of distortion at night (sorry I haven't taken a photo but can do if necessary). I've cleaned the lense, with lense cleaners but no difference. i'm not sure if i can open up the camera as there aren't any obvious screws at the front. Does anyone have any idea what this problem is and what i need to do to fix it please?

Thank you in advance, Mona

201874089_323267729516857_4157521088772145079_n (1).jpg

201977960_143601441078445_675902030448903048_n (1).jpg



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