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email notifications stopped suddenly

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Older HikVision DVR (model DS-7204HGHI-SH) Firmware V3.1.12 build 160216 suddenly (sometime yesterday evening, as it worked part of the day) stopped sending camera motion detection


Didn't change any equipment (router, camera, etc) or settings within the DVR itself. Contacted my IPS/email provider and they showed no locks on my email or other general problems. Has

worked consistently for many years and I am using an email that is from my ISP provider so as to avoid being blocked due to multiple emails sent. I restarted my router, modem, and rebooted

the DVR with no success. I also tried changing the email info to another personal email and no success when trying a test email. I get "Sending email failed. Error Code iVMS-4200.exe[507] when

trying to send a test email.

I can view cameras live, or recorded playback of cameras fine using IOS IVMS app, or IVMS application on my PC, or via login to DVR via web browser. Any thoughts ???

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