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This may be down to what's called ONVIF compatibility.

Pretty everything in the last 5 years should be ONVIF 2.4 compliant to work on other manufacturers' recorders but there is still a chance some out there wont meet this criteria.

Some cameras however will appear not to work but in reality just need some manual programming.

If you are using for example, a Hikvision IP camera on a Dahua recorder, you will first need to log directly into the camera using it's default IP address and enabled ONVIF. It may also require you to create an account on some cameras.

From there, you would have to manually add the camera to the recorder, entering all the requested details the recorder asks for.

If you are plugging the camera directly into the onboard POE of the recorder however, you will need to manually assign the camera an IP address in the switch range that the onboard POE gives out.

Most Dahua units for example are 10.1.1.xx. So you will need to set your camera to an address in that range and then manually add it.

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