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Truvision 12HD DVR Computer Improvements

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I'm an IT guy, so I speak computers well.  I dont have a lot of experience with DVR/CCTV.  But, its generally related.  

I am trying to imporove the speed and image quality on a monitor system connected to 2 Truvision 12HD DVRs.  It looks to be using a web interface.  However, since this is all local, there is direct access to the BNC outputs of these devices.  I know the video quality direct from the DVR is quite good.  BUt, not through the Navigator using Cat5.

I was wondering if the software allowed for a direct connection to these two DRVs via the BNC outputs on the devices.  If its just a matter of an analog capture card and a little configuring, I would gladly pursue this.


Also, the computer being used was rather moderate even in the day it was purchased.  It has an i5-4th gen CPU, and a Geforce 750 ti graphics card.  I have already ordered an SSD to replace the mechanical hard drive.  This is always an improvement for any use.  However, that wont address image quality.  

I browsed the DVR manuals, and nothing was obvious when it came to computer hardware, and direct connectivity.  SO, I'm wondering if someone has done this 'off the books'.  I'm comfortable trying things that may not be necessarily documented, since this is an older system we are trying to spruce up a bit.

Thank you


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