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Fozzie Bear

Advice re Choice of Audio Cable

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I am about to install an Exvist 8.0Mp POE CCTV camera in our village hall to stream meeting to Youtube via RTMP protocol. I need to run a long audio cable from the microphone amplifier at the front of the hall to the camera at the other end as an audio feed and trying to decide on the best cable. I have looked at various cable types including pre-made with included 3.5mm jacks on each end to rolls of cable. The lead will run in some large timber boxing down the side of the room and will be adjacent data and mains cable so it really needs to be screened to reduce any pickup. I am looking on the well known auction site and equally well known large online retailer and there are various versions:-

In each case one end will be terminated in a 3.5mm stereo jack to go into the camera and a 6.3mm jack or XLR plug

Trying to keep the price of install as low as possible but don't want problems with hum or pickup on audio so any advice would be appreciated.

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