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Small dome camera with 5x+ zoom

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I'm looking for a small dome camera to fit inside a bird box enclosure to monitor the entry way of my apartment complex. TLDR, the camera base can't have a diameter of more than 120mm. The height from the base to the top of the dome can't be anymore than 99mm. I have a flattened dome camera, a Reolink D400 which fits in there nicely. But, it has no zoom. Also, I don't like how the IR LEDs give it away. Even if the IR LEDs are off, they're still a silvery colour. It may be that I need to get a camera with the appropriate level of zoom and take it out of it's mounting enclosure, and find another way to mount it, such as spray foam. Would really like to use the existing bird box, as it's already there, and the appearance won't change.

Ideally I'd have 8x zoom to see the frame that I want to monitor, full screen, but I think if I have to, I can get away with 5x zoom. 3x zoom is not enough.

I plan to use a separate IR illuminator for night time.

Detail: The bird box that I have is 99mm deep x 137mm tall x 129mm wide. But because the middle height of the viewing hole is not exactly in the middle, and the slanted roof, the base can't be more than about 120mm. The depth from the base to the lens can be up to 99mm. The bird hole aperture is 36mm.

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I'm thinking that it may just be that I need to make a similar looking bird house, but bigger. The smallest I could find was 17cm x 17cm.

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