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Is it worth to get a better wifi extender (5ghz) support?

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I have the CCTV system placed in attic and is plugged into a TPlink wifi extender which supports only 2.4ghz and a maximum of 300mbps.  


At times, it loses connection and I am thinking if I should invest in a wifi extender which supports 5ghz as well for better speed and performance. The dvr system is a DVR-204U-K1 (Hilook) which supports Network Interface:    
1; 10M / 100M self-adaptive Ethernet interface


The question is , I am not sure if I should invest in  better wifi extender. Only problem is I am not sure if the ethernet port of the wifi extender will run the wireless speeds or there is a set of protocol. 

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I'm curious, why are you using a TP wifi extender, why not just use a TPlink powerline adpater for connecting to the ethernet port on the DVR in the attic and the ethernet port on the back of your home ISP router downstairs?

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