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If money was not an issue

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Would you use a Honeywell camera system or Montavue

i have had the box store systems such as Swann - ok for the money.
 Lorex- ok for the money   
Then I thought I was upgrading in a very big way with Back Street system and that was a major waste of money and time. 
Then I found Montavue and was super impressed with the picture, setup, tech support, and abilities. 

Now I have a friend who has a friend who wants to install Honeywell and I just want him to get a good easy to use and setup system. 
Thanks for any input.  I am will to elaborate more on back street if anyone is interested. 

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I'm betting it's a combination of the few professionals on this forum who deal with $2000/per camera installations vs the majority who only shop for sub-$200 cameras

You're in that special place where nobody knows

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