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QT View or QSee Replacement Server!!

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We have an 8 camera QSee/QTView system bought from Home Depot years ago on our house attached to a hard drive server with an old computer monitor located in a bedroom closet.  Only six of the eight cameras are mounted around the house with two unused new cameras and wires stored as replacements if needed.  The monitor in the closet is rarely used unless troubleshooting system problems.  The cameras are monitored and system settings adjusted on a Windows laptop using a QSee app and when mobile, cameras are monitored with our Apple iPhone QTView apps.

QSee is now out of business and therefore there is no more support.  Apple has announced it will be removing from their app store outdated apps that are no longer supported.  Eventually the server will fail too.  The wired cameras are mounted, wires run through the basement, up thru the floor and attached to the server in the bedroom and working well with two spare cameras if needed.  Eventually I will need a new server with the same style plugs in the rear to wire and power the existing cameras, PC monitor and mouse,  with software and apps to work on both a WIndows laptop and Apple based iPhones that will not break the bank.  

What I like about the current Windows app (not available on the Apple app) is when reviewing back footage the motion detected by the camera is highlighted on the time line under the video to allow you to surf the highlighted times and you don't need to watch excessive footage to find an event.  It can also be programmed to review multiple cameras at one time but we rarely use that function.  Snapshots and video can be downloaded if needed and we have used this function a lot!!  We do not want to use the Cloud for any storage.  We do not use a microphone on any camera.

With all the above said, when the hard drive fails, what system hard drive and software would one recommend purchasing to replace the QSee/QTView server with apps to operate on Windows and Apple iPhones and use the existing cameras and camera wires?


Thank you!!!



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