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OOSSXX camera won't join OOSSXX NVR, green light slowly blinking on camera

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Hi folks,

I have an add on camera, THIS model on THIS system and for some reason it absolutely will not be detected by the NVR. It just goes to the finding camera routine forever. And never finds.

If it helps, the old camera got water in it and died. That one added no problem. Also the green power light on the female plug is slowly blinking. I hope I'm just missing something. Any help would be enormously appreciated.
Greg - Detroit

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These are wireless. The NVR has a 10 camera capacity. I have 9. The green light begins sloooowly blinking a few seconds after being plugged in and then just continues. Fade off... one one thousand (or so)... fade back on, one one thousand, and so on.

I bought the original 8 camera setup and then bought a ninth camera which took 5 minutes to get working with the other 8.

Stupidly I didn't notice that the ninth add on one was not IP67 rated and it died from water ingress. I ordered this one which is identical to the other 8 and it just will not be detected by the NVR. I wonder if the old dead one's configuration is stuck in there, but there's no way to delete the channel that I can find and neither is there any way to reset the unit to outta the box. Only a soft refresh that leaves everything except minor customizations intact.

I even opened it up and removed the coin battery for a minute. Also, since it is a 10 camera NVR, you'd think that it would just add the new one on the remaining unused Chanel anyway.

I don't know. It could be just bad from the factory I suppose, but I think the blinking green light is telling me something. Like waiting to be added or something like that.

This is killin me. We live in a bad area and I really need that camera.

Thanks again. image.gif.4a4e79b91fb970bea6fc2a95eb8873c6.gif

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