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Viewing Tapo camera on VIPER-5MPL-8 DVR

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Wasn't sure whether to post to security cameras or this section, but this seems to be more appropriate.

I can connect to my Tapo C210 camera via RTSP with VLC on Windows, but have had no luck adding it to my DVR.
When clicking on the "test" button, it responds with "invalid username/password" or "offline", but the IP address is correct, the port is open, and both username and password are correct...
Not sure what I'm doing wrong, so hopefully someone here can enlighten me.

Protocol RTSP setting.jpg

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Switched on my CCTV monitor this morning and, lo and behold, the camera is now visible. I'd changed absolutely nothing in all this time, so it's baffling.

Reading elsewhere, it mentions that Tapo themselves have to enable RTSP on the camera (an automated process), which sounds odd, but would appear to be the only logical explanation.

Just to clarify, there's an enable RTSP option in the Tapo app, which I'd enabled ages ago. But then it seems you have to wait for Tapo to actually make it effective, in this case, a matter of months... 🙄

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