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CCTV Camera Specifications

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New to forum and need help.


The question is about CCTV camera horizontal resolution.

For example, at 768 pixels (horizontal pixels per line array), the real single colour CCD chip resolution is approximately 70-80% of what the pixel count is. This is effect of the pixels mosaic composition, and because of the way interlaced scanning image is obtained in television.


Also when counting vertical lines, we count only the horizontal width equivalent to the vertical height of the monitor. The idea behind this is to have equal thickness of lines. We then have to multiply this by 3/4.

This will produce only 403-460HTVL maximum visual resolution.


Can anyone help to understand CCTV colour camera resolution (HTVL or pairs of lines) as listed in manufacturers Specifications (480HTVL up to 530HTVL)


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