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Ideas? Improvements?

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I manage several apartment buildings and have started adding security systems to some of them. I'd like anyone's input on what I have been doing and how I can improve my systems in the future.


I have been purchasing standalone network DVRs from Q-See (and my first one was from K-Guard) at about $750 for an 8 channel or $850 for a 16 channel, each with 500GB hard drive.


The cameras are CCTVStar model SD-420SIV for $80 apiece.


We then buy 500' spools of siamese 18 gauge/rg59 cables an connectors to run our own cable.


Most of our cameras have been indoors and in lighted areas, though we may have some outdoor installations coming up. Video quality is important (enough to recognize a face). We also need to have at least 3-4 days of storage and the ability to search for and back up snippets of video to a network storage location.


Also, an upcoming install will have 21 cameras, which is more than any standalone I've seen can handle. Should I just get 2 DVRs, or go to a PC based solution?


Any critiques, insights, suggestions? Especially on the best setup for an outdoor camera (Cold winters here in Wisconsin!)





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Welcome to the site. We have a lot of professional installers and everyday average joes here with experience. You'll find a lot of help, but beware you might get a "you're not spending enough / you're buying crap now" type answers.


One thing I would do in your situation is look into using CAT5E instead of 500' spools. CAT5E is cheaper, and you can run power on it as well as video. There are numerous threads about how to do this.


You'll want some heated outdoor housings for your outdoor cameras.


I'd suggest trying to get more along the lines of a week-2 weeks retention more than 3-4 days, simply because people may not notice a problem/theft/report a crime immediately.


As an apartment renter, the fact that you have security cameras is an extra bonus. Some people might find it as concerning, fearing high crime. But I think cameras are an excellent way to keep the riff-raff out of my normally nice apartment building.

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