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Upgrading/Replacing DM DS2 Hard Drives

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I recommend using the Seagate SV35.2 Seriesâ„¢ Hard Drives which are designed for 24/7 operation and around $100 for 320Gb ATA/100.



Ultra ATA/100 320GB ST3320620AV

Ultra ATA/100 500GB ST3500630AV


Get a simple USB - IDE hard drive case ($35.00) and hook up the new drive to be used for master. Leave the cable select jumber in place on the HD while formatting. Download free Seagate DiscWizard from their site. Connect HD case to computer via USB and wait for it to see the drive. Use DiscWizard which will find the new drive. Format it for FAT32 leaving other settings in default. Just let it select the next drive letter since the DS2 unit will set the master back to C:.


Once formatted copy and paste the "disk.zip" folder and the "bin" folder from the software download available from the DM web site. Do not unzip anything. Remove the HD and change the jumper from cable select to Master position.


Plug in the archive HD and all you have to do is format this drive then remove the cable select jumper.


Install the Master and Slave in the correct position on the DS2 unit and start up. All should work fine.

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same can be done by copying the files from the old drive , deleteing all the dat files insid the video0 file and then drag and drop to the new drive within a pc.

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